Main Temple

  • Total Area:2.7 Acres
  • Total Built-up Area:57,400 Sq. ft.
  • Total length of the temple:360 feet
  • Total width of the temple:235 feet
  • The total height of the temple including the peak:161 feet
  • Total number of floors:3
  • Height of each floor:20 feet
  • Number of columns in the ground floor of the temple:160
  • Number of columns in the first floor of the temple:132
  • Number of columns in the second floor of the temple:74
  • Number of pedks and pavilions in the temple:5
  • Number of Gates in the temple:12

श्रीराम जन्मभूमि तीर्थक्षेत्र



  • Shri Ram Kund


    (Home of Holy Offering)

  • Karm Kshetra

    Anusthaan Mandap

    (House of holy Rituals)

  • Hanuman Gadhi

    Veer Maruti Vishal Pratima

    (Gigantic Statue of Lord Hanuman)

  • Shri Ramlala Purakalik Darshan Mandal

    Janmbhoomi Sangrahalay
    (For the display of archaeological & historical relic related to Ram’s Birth Place)

  • Shri Kamm Keerti

    Satsang Bhavan Sabhagaar
    (House for discourse and mass prayer)

  • Guru Vashishtha Peethika

    Ved, Puran, Ramayan evam Sanskrit Adhyayan-Anusandhaan Anukshetra
    (Center of study for research on Ved, Puran, Ramayan & Sanskrit)

  • Bhakti Teela

    Special peace zone for deeper meditation

  • Tulsi

    Ramlila Center, 360 degree Theather/Open Air Theater

  • Ram Darbaar

    Multifunctional/Projection/Lecture & Communication Center

  • Mata Kaushalya Vatsalya Mandap

    Exhibition hall, Tableau complex

  • Ramangan

    Exclusive Cinema/Television/AV Based Show & Discourse Theater

  • Ramayan

    Modern A/C library and Reading Room

  • Maharshi Valmiki

    Archives and Research Center

  • Ramashrayam

    Multistories boarding, lodging facility & waiting lounge for outstation devotee

  • Shri Dashrath

    Adarsh Goshala (Shelter for Cows)

  • Laxman Vatika

    Lily-pond and Musical fountains

  • Lav Kush Nikunj

    Activities Area for Youth and Children

  • Maryada Khand

    Special guests residential Area
    (Cottages and Multistory Apartments enclave)

  • Bharat Prasaad-Mandap

    Canopy Courts for Naivedya/Prasaad/Bhog
    (Sanctified Food Offerings)
    Distribution & Management along with Sanctified food preparation & Storage facility

  • Mata Sita Rasoi Annakshetra

    Large food shelter for mass feeding facility for devotee along with mega kitchen, large food grain storage, systematic utensil & cutlery storage and hand-washing facilities

  • Singhdwar ke Sammukh Deepstambh

    Lamp tower in front of the Lion Gate Portal


  • Multipurpose Distribution And Operation Rooms
  • Bank/ATM
  • Facilities Of ‘Essential Public Utilities” Along The Pathways On Every 15 Minutes Of Walking Distance
  • Emergency Medical Aid
  • Ramps for Elder Devotees to reach the Temple
  • Solar Energy Panel/Generator/Energy Generation Center
  • Pilgrim Facility Centre (PFC)
  • Administrative Office
  • Pilgrim/Visitor Management System


  • Provision for temples inside Parkota and Outside
  • Thoughtful Incremental Expansion Plan For Next Fifty Years
  • Three Level Tree Plantation To Safeguard The Temple And Its Premises From The Seasonal Dust And Storm
  • Security Management Complex
  • Flower Garden And Plantation Based On The Concept Of Astrolgical Constellation
  • Vigilance Towers Along The Wall Of Temple Region Focussing On All Possible Angles
  • Gigantic Memorial Of Martyrs

For more information about new temple

For more information about new temple