06 Feb 2021

6 March, 2021

The Trust had signed the agreement with M/s C.B. Sompura in 1992 for Architectural Design Services for Shri Ram Temple which is being revalidated with supplementary additional provisions. In furtherance to this, M/s Larsen & Toubro Ltd and M/s Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd were appointed as Design & Build contractor and Project Manager Consultant for the Construction of Shri Ram Temple. Accordingly, the agreements were signed with them in November 2020. After finalization of design of foundation the work of excavation of earth for foundation of Shri Ram temple has started.

In order to develop the complex area of 67 acres for development of allied services/facilities for visitors & Pilgrims, M/s Tata Consulting Engineers is appointed to provide services for Project Management Consultancy and Design & Engineering. For Master Planning & specified Architectural Design services for developing of the Complex M/s Design Associates Inc. is appointed. The agreement is signed today i.e., 06.02.2021 with them.

The supplementary agreement with M/s C.B. Sompura for providing Architect Consultant Architecture & Design Services for Shri Ram Temple is also signed today i.e., 06.02.2021.
Date of Signing of Agreements:
M/s TCE for Shri Ram Temple: – 11.11.2020 |  M/s L&T: – 16.11.2020 | M/s C.B. Sompura (Supplementary): – 06.02.2021 | M/s Design Associates INC.: – 06.02.2021 | M/s TCE for 67 Acre Complex: – 06.02.2020